Halloween in Sweden

Halloween is one of those holidays that we have adapted in Sweden but few know what it is really about and when it is the right time to go trick or treating.

In the late eighties I lived in California for a year and had the pleasure of experiencing “a real Halloween”. There were whole neighbourhoods fully decorated and both children and adults went all in. It was a great experience that I never forget.

Photo: pixabay.com

Halloween is supposed to be celebrated on October 31:st, but in Sweden many children go trick or treating both before and after this date. This is quite unfortunate since November 1:st is a day to remember loved ones who are no longer alive.

If you visit a graveyard in Sweden on November 1:st you will be likely to see hundreds of candle lights blowing in the wind. It is a beautiful and profound experience which has nothing to do with Halloween, and therefor a lot of people dread the trick or treating. In the neighbourhood where I went trick or treating we only knocked on doors where the house owners had left a lamp on. All other house owners were left in peace and I wish we could do the same here.

I buy candy for the children in my neighbourhood, but at the same time I know many neighbours who don’t. So have fun but in a respectful way!