The Royal Family

Sweden has been a monarchy for more than a thousand years and we’ve had around 70 different kings during this time. Our present king, Carl XVI Gustaf, was inaugurated in 1973 and is our 74:th regent.

The Swedish King and his bride to be in 1976
Foto: IBL

The Swedish king is of French heritage, and the Bernadotte’s have been on the Swedish throne since 1818. Before it was only male monarchs who could inherite the crown, but since this was changed in 1980 our next regent is the Crown Princess Victoria.

The Crown Princess will, if she ascends to the throne as expected, become the fourth queen regnat in Sweden after Queen Margaret, Queen Christina and Queen Ulrika Eleonora.

Official engagements

The Crown Princess Victoria travels a lot and often makes official trips both abroad and within Sweden as a representative of Sweden. In 2016 The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon appointed Victoria a member of Sustainable Development Goals Advocates for Agenda 2030, and since then The Crown Princess primarily works with issues concerning health and water.

The Crown Princess of Sweden
Foto: Stella Pictures
The Crown Princess, The Prince and Princess Estelle
Foto: Stella pictures