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Ernst Kristian Johann Kirchsteiger. Born in November 1957.
A famous and populat tv-host, designer and author of various cook books.

Ernst Kirchsteiger. Photo:

With programs like “Sommartorpet” , “Jul med Ernst” and “Sommar med Ernst” he’s now “Ernst” with the Swedish people. Women love him for his sensitivity, creativity and grey hair. Men either love him or hate him for the same reasons. I guess he could be compared to Martha Stewart

Ernst is inspired by honest and friendlh people, beautiful places like Toscana, Florence, Swedish history and culture. He’s also inspired by arts and crafts.

Ernst’s designs are both functional, practical and beautiful. His recipes are easy to follow and as well as designs and dishes are made with local ingrediens and materials. The brand ERNST is well estabished as a high quality and popular brand.



Varoius pieces from ERNST design. 


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