The Nobel Price

Yesterday it was time for the annual Nobel Price award to be handed out, which means that it was also time for the Nobel Price Banquet.

Since it is an event shown on television we are all allowed in to the salons of Nobel Price award winners, scientists, politicians, company leaders and of course, royalties.

The Swedish Crown Princess Victoria in a stunning dress from Swedish fashion designer Selam Fessahaye
Photo: Svensk Damtidning

December 10 is an extremely important date for many people. Just think about all the planning, the logistics, the security and the food. The food… It is not “just food” that is being served at this banquet, it is blood, sweat and tears, months and months of preparations and tastings and disasters. It is a piece of art served on the most exquisite China designed by Swedish artist Karin Björquist.

The Nobel China designed for Rörstrand.
Photo: Bukowskis


The Nobel Price award winners 2019

James Peebles, physics

Michel Mayor, physics

Didier Queloz, physics

John Bannister Goodenough, chemistry

M. Stanley Whittingham, chemistry

Akira Yoshino, chemistry

William G. Kaelin Jr., medicine

Peter J. Ratcliffe, medicine

Gregg L. Semenza, medicine

Peter Handke, litteratur

Abiy Ahmed, peace

Abhijit Banerjee, economics

Esther Duflo, economics

Michael Kremer, economics

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Written by: Petra Roman 🖤