Sweden´s economy

The Swedish parliament

The Swedish parliament contains of 349 elected representatives whos main responsibility is to enact new laws and make decisions about the state maintenance. Their job is mainly to consider proposals and questions from the various committees and from the government.

In order to keep the proposals separated they use different terms: proposals from members of the parliament are referred to as “motioner” (motions), while proposals from the government are referred to as “propositioner” (propositions).

The Swedish government is currently led by Head of State Stefan Löfven (leader of the Social Democrats party) and his 22 ministers. Magdalena Andersson (Minister of Finances), Ann Linde (Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Anna Ekström (Minister of Education) are three of them.

The Swedish Parliament in Stockholm

Photo: Pixabay

The Department of Finance

Or the treasury, handles the state budget, various taxes, the government´s administration, consumers politics and many other matters that concerns the Swedish state´s economy.

The Swedish government is divided mainly into four areas:

– The Head of state

-The Parliament

-The Government

-The Courts

Various authorities are also included when referring to the state of Sweden. Within the Swedish state there are four main constitutions: The governmental constitution, The order of succession, The freedom of speech and The regulation of press.

The Minister of Finance

The Department of Finance is currently led by Minister of Finance Magdalena Andersson, Civil Minister Lena Micko and assistant Minister of Finance Per Bolund.

Magdalena Andersson has a long and solid education within the field of finance. She´s also done a lot of research specializing in national economics. Andersson studied at The School of Business (Handelshögskolan) in Stockholm in 1992, at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna in 1994 and at Harvard University (USA) in 1995.

magdalena-andersson Kristian Pohl för Regeringskansliet.jpg
Swedish Minister of Finance Magdalena Andersson.

Photo: Kristian Pohl

Andersson´s Curriculum Vitae is quite impressive:

Spokesperson for The Social Democrats between 2012 – 2014

Director General at The Tax Authority between 2009 – 2012

Domestic policy adviser for The Social Democrats between 2007 – 2009

State Secretary at The Department of Finance between 2004 – 2006