Swedish Midsummer

Midsommar as Swedes call it, is by far one of the most popular and celebrated days during the whole year. I dare say it’s as big as Christmas Eve. Midsommar takes place in the middle of June and is a celebration of “Sommarsolståndet”, which means that day and night are the exact same length.

It’s as light as daylight at midnight and the story is that if you pick 7 different wild flowers and put them under your pillow, you’ll dream about your future spouse.

Usually there is dancing, eating and drinking involved. The rising of the Midsummer pole is a big thing, and when it’s been risen we dance around it, often accompanied by folk music.

Midsommar is very much about the children and both girls and boys are all dressed up, often in all white. We eat pickled herring and new potatoes with snaps and beer for lunch, and at night we usually barbeque and have strawberry cake for dessert.

© Petra Roman 2020, PR Text&Bild

Photos: Pixabay