About me

My name is Petra, which means “rock” or “stonewoman” in Greek. That could be a burden, but I am quite a steady rock by nature, so it’s all good. I like beeing the kind of person others can lean on.


Of course I need some leaning too every now and then. I am fortunate enough to be married to my best friend, who is not only  my steady rock, but the kindest and most caring man I’ve ever known. We have a daughter who is now 15 and, if I may say so, adorable and sweet in so many ways. But she’s also a teenagers…


I used to teach elementary school pupils. I taught them how to read, write and count. And of course, how to behave. Unfortunately teachers are no longer “just” teachers in Sweden. They are more and more forced into beeing administrators, psychologists and punching bags too.

The Swedish school system is built on principals and rules that are no longer in line with the world we live in. Theory and practise must go hand in hand, but in this case they are just too far apart.H owever, this is only my experience so you should really get a second opinion. 


Three years ago I had enough. I left my job as a teacher and started my own business. I now work from home, where I have a sea view from my office, good coffee and a wood burner for cold days.

I’ve always loved to express myself thru words, both verbally and in writing. And I am good at it. I guess that’s one of the reasons I like it so much. But also because communication is the key to everything, at least good communication is. It’s the same with content – good content is king, and it can lead to all kinds of things.


I like to think I contribute somehow, at least I do something that I like, something that allows me to be creative and… me.

Welcome to my blog – it’s all about Sweden and the Swedes. 🇾đŸ‡Ș

Petra Roman, PR Text&Bild

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