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I work as a freelance writer, translator, proof reader and webbdesigner. This means I create content for websites, blogs, social media-accounts, news letters, speaches etc.

Content bureaus I regurlarly write for are Merit Crowd, Great Content and Top Content. I also write editorials for a couple of local newspapers and magazines, such as VillaNytt, MediaKonsult and Lokalpressen.

I believe GOOD content i king

Do you need content for your website, blog, social media-account, newspaper or any other channel you’re welcome to get in touch.

I write/translate Swedish, English and French content, and I always do my research well. Every text is unique, optimized and proof read.

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Ernst Kristian Johann Kirchsteiger. Born in November 1957.
A famous and populat tv-host, designer and author of various cook books.

Ernst Kirchsteiger. Photo:

With programs like “Sommartorpet” , “Jul med Ernst” and “Sommar med Ernst” he’s now “Ernst” with the Swedish people. Women love him for his sensitivity, creativity and grey hair. Men either love him or hate him for the same reasons. I guess he could be compared to Martha Stewart

Ernst is inspired by honest and friendlh people, beautiful places like Toscana, Florence, Swedish history and culture. He’s also inspired by arts and crafts.

Ernst’s designs are both functional, practical and beautiful. His recipes are easy to follow and as well as designs and dishes are made with local ingrediens and materials. The brand ERNST is well estabished as a high quality and popular brand.



Varoius pieces from ERNST design. 


This blogposts is written by Petra Roman, CEO and content writer at PR Text&Bild



Liljeholmens Stearinfabriks AB is the largest candle light producer in the world as well as one of the oldest, still active, companies in Sweden.

The history of Liljeholmen goes all the way back to 1839, in a small wooden cottage in Liljeholmen, Stockholm. After time the method of producing candles by hand developed into industrial produktion, which increased the productivity immensly.

At the beginning of 1900 the use of gas and electricity became more common and the use of candle lights lessened. Liljeholmens survived thanks to the development of new products and in the 1960:s the interest for candles started to grow again.


Swedish designers

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Lars Wallin

Swedish fashion designer Lars Wallin has a degree from Beckmans’ School of design and has won the prestigious designer award  “Guldknappen”. Wallin has designen outfits for scenkläder the Eurovision Song Contest, The Royal Opera in Stockholm and several Swedish artists and royalties. Lars Wallin is inspired by French couture from the 1950:s and his designs are both unique and exclusive. 

Efva Attling

Swedish fashion and jewelrydesigner Efva Attling is a former model and singer born and raised in the suburbs of Stockholm. She once was part of the pop-group X-models, but has also produced music as a solo artist. 

For many years now Efva Attling has worked as jewelry designer and shop owner. Her jewelry is sold world wide and she’s designed wineglasses for the Swedish brand Orrefors. Efva also designed the latest Polar Music Prize award.

Camilla Thulin

Swedish fashion designer and now author, Camilla Thulin creates costumes for the Gothenburg Operahouse and many Swedish singer and actors. She’s written books about clothes and style and had hosted a radioshow about the clothing industry. 

Camillas’ motto is to make women feel beautiful inside and out regardless of age and size.

Bea Szenfeld

Swedish fashion designer born in Poland and famous for her artistic and experimentful creations which have been described as a mix of fashion and modern art.

Bea has a degree from Beckmans’ School of Design, where her final exam project won the H&M Design Scholarship. After Beckmans’ she started her own fashion house designing clothes for both men and women. Bea Szenfeld often re-uses second hand clothes and is well known for her vintage collections. 

Filippa Knutsson

Swedish fashion designer and entrepreneur Filippa Knutsson was born and raised in Stockholm. Daughter of Lasse Knutsson, who once led Gul&Blå clothing store, where Filippa started her career.  She now runs the successful business Filippa K and has won several awards for her outstanding work.

Johan Lindeberg

Swedish fashion designer and entrepreneur Johan Lindeberg started his carreer in the fashion industry by becoming a distributor for the Italian brand Diesel in the early 90:s.

In 1996 Johan started his own brand J.Lindeberg with professional golfer Jesper Parnevik as a poster boy. In 2007 he left the company and moved to New York for a couple of years. In 2018 he started a Out of Context Studios AB.

Ida Lanto

Swedish designer who studied at the Nordic Designschool in Borås and now designs gowns for the Swedish royalties. Ida has also designs clothes för various Swedish singers and TV-hosts such as Loreen, Sarah Dawn Finer, Sabina Ddumba, Nikki Amini, Gina Dirawi and Tilde de Paula. 

Ida Lanto created a wedding gown for the movie “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” worn by Swedish actress Hanna Alström. She’s also created a collection for the online clothing company


IKEA is a Swedish multinational company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, home accessories and other useful goods. The company was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, who at the time was only 17 years old.

The company name, IKEA, is an acronym of Kamprad’s initial (I K) with those of Elmtaryd (the farm where he grew up) and Agunnaryd (his hometown).

The business magnate

Feodor Ingvar Kamprad was born in 1926 and died in 2018. He was one of the most influential was business magnates in Sweden while leading his multinational retail company. Kamprad was born and raised in a small village in Småland in the south of Sweden, but lived in Switzerland for many years.

Ingvar Kamprad
Foto: Lotte Fernvall

Most IKEA- stores in the world have a showroom upstairs and a marketplace plus a self-service warehouse downstairs. All stores serve traditional Swedish food and Swedish fika. There is also a Swedish Food Market in which you can buy e. g. Swedish meatballs, lingonberry jam, biscuits, chocolates and pancakes.

Foto: Lise Åserud/NTB/TT

Three of the most bought and popular book shelves from IKEA. Photo:


Do you know what Volvo stands for? By that I mean other than safety, family, tradition and performance – I mean the word Volvo.

Volvo i latin for “I’m rolling”, or, as we say in Swedish, “Jag rullar”. This huge company has been one of Sweden’s largest employers for decades now, and it has been led by quite a few powerful men. Maybe it’s time for a woman to lead the way…

One of the most influential and well known leaders is Pehr G Gyllenhammar. He was the CEO of Volvo AB between 1971-1983, and served as head of the board another 10 years after that (until 1993). One of his first decisions as a CEO was to close down the making of the sporty P1800, in order to make more secure and family oriented cars.

A classic Volvo P1800. Photo:

Volvo, as we know it today, employes over 105 000 people and has production in 18 different countries. The headquarter is situated on the island of Hisingen in Gothenburg. In 1999 Volvo sold its carproduction division to Ford Motor Company, who, in 2010, sold it to a chinese company called Geely.

Today Volvo is lead by Martin Lundstedt (CEO, Volvo AB), Jan Gurander (Deputy CEO, Volvo AB), Roger Alm (President, Volvo Trucks), Melker Jernberg (President, Volvo Construction Equipment) and Bruno Blin (President, Renault Trucks). They’re all men by the way…

Volvo C 40, S 40 and C 60. Photo: