The holiday season is here

Advent is latin and means arrival. It is a celebration of the arrival of Jesus, and also a time to prepare for Christmas. Advent has its historical roots in the 40 day long fasting period that started around Christmas and finished by Easter. Traditionelly it is a time for fasting and preparing for the birth … Continue reading The holiday season is here

Swedish crayfish party

It's time for the Swedish tradition crayfish party, or "kräftskiva" as we say in Swedish. During the month of August and some time in September the Swedes gather with friends and family to eat and drink celebrating the first crayfish harvests. In fact this is a nordic tradition, but it has its origin in Sweden … Continue reading Swedish crayfish party

Swedish Midsommar

This post contains commercial links Midsommarafton is by far one of the most popular and celebrated days during the whole year. I dare say it's as important as Christmas Eve, maybe even more important for some. Midsommar takes place in the middle of June and is a celebration of "Sommarsolståndet", which means that day and … Continue reading Swedish Midsommar

Gothenburg Horse Show

Gothenburg Horse Show is considered to be one of the most prestigious and best indoor horse-shows in the world. The event has been reoccuring every year since the first show in 1977. Since then, over 3 million visitors have visited this amazing event in Scandinavium in Gothenburg, Sweden. Emma Emanuelsson, winner for Sweden 2014Photo: Peter … Continue reading Gothenburg Horse Show

Easter in Sweden

This post contains commercial links The Swedes have been celebrating Easter, originally according to the Gregorian Calendar, since 1844. Until 1969 everything was closed on Easter Friday (in Swedish "Långfredag", or Long Friday) - grocery stores, cinemas, restaurants, clothing stores etc. Of course due to the memory of Jesus Christ. The last supper According to … Continue reading Easter in Sweden


Fettisdagen, or White Tuesday, is a Christian tradition celebrated 47 days before Easter. That means it can be celebrated between February 3:d and March 9:th. Fastlagen - The Fast Fettisdagen is the third of the three days in "Fastlagen" - the days heading up to the fast: "Fastlag Sunday", "Blue Monday" and "White Tuesday". According … Continue reading Fettisdagen

Lösgodis – Swedish candy

Lösgodis is various kinds of candy (see photos) that are sold separatly. People pick their favourites and put them in a "candy bag" or a "candy cup" before they weigh it and pay for it. In Sweden people eat quite a lot of sweets and candy. Or as we call it: lösgodis (or smågodis). 2009 … Continue reading Lösgodis – Swedish candy

“Sill & nubbe”

In Sweden there is an old tradition of having "sill and nubbe" at Christmas, as well as at Easter time and Midsummer. We actually eat and drink very similar during these three holidays. "Sill" and "nubbe" is pickled herring and snaps, or a shot (e. g vodka). Usually the "nubbe", or snaps, is spiced with … Continue reading “Sill & nubbe”