Cancelled events due to covid-19

Cancelled bookfairs, concerts and exhibitions, postponed filmfestivals, sports events and closed museums… The list over cancelled or postponed events due to covid-19 could go on and on. This goes for Sweden as well as the rest of the world.

Can you claim your money back?

But what about all the tickets that have been sold; can they be re-imbursed? Do you as a consumer own the right to claim your money back?

The anwer is yes, you do have the right to claim your money back as long as the concert, exhibition, sports event or any other event has been cancelled du to covid-19.

Keep in mind that this hasn’t been legally established yet, in regards to the Coronavirus, which means that you could be forced to file a complaint to ARN (Allmänna reklamationsnämnden) in order to get a trial.

Information about ARN and their handling of general complaints due to covid-19 – in English

In that case you have bought your ticket from an agency or a company in another EU-country, you will need to get in to be advised by the European Consumers Agency which specializes in cross-border trade.

Information about The European Consumers Agency and there handling of consumers rights – in English

Some of this summer’s cancelled events in Sweden: Statement Festival, Ulf Lundell summertour, Håkan Hellström x 3 at Ullevi, Sweden Rock Festival, Öland Roots, Summerburst, Polar Music Prize Awards, Market Art Fair Stockholm, ART, Stockholm Filmfestival Junior (postponed), Dreamhack Jönköping (postponed).

By Petra

Gothenburg Horse Show

Gothenburg Horse Show is considered to be one of the most prestigious and best indoor horse-shows in the world. The event has been reoccuring every year since the first show in 1977. Since then, over 3 million visitors have visited this amazing event in Scandinavium in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Emma Emanuelsson, winner for Sweden 2014

Photo: Peter Zackrisson, Gothenburg Horse Show

Gothenburg Horse Show is a spectacular sports event where only the best riders, and the best horses, from all over the world get to compete. Both competitors and audiences have stayed true to the event, which is seen as one of the main reasons it is still such a prestigious competition.

Sweden has managed to win the tropy no less than five times thru sensational performances by Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (1996, 2005 and 2019), Emma Emanuelsson (2014) and Peder Fredricson (2015).

Peder Fredricson, winner for Sweden 2015

Photo: Peter Carlsson

All the winners from 1977 – 2020

1977 Gerd Wiltfang, Germany
1978 Eddie Macken, Irland
1979 Hugo Simon, Austria
1980 Harvey Smith, Great Britain
1981 Fritz Ligges, Germany
1982 Bernie Traurig, USA
1983 Nick Skelton, Great Britain
1984 Eddie Macken, Irland
1985 Rob Ehrens, The Netherlands
1986 Ian Miller, Canada
1987 John Whitaker, Great Britain
1988 Franke Sloothaak, Germany
1989 Thomas Fuchs, Switzerland
1990 John Whitaker, Great Britain
1991 Hervé Godignon, France
1992 Nick Skelton, Great Britain
1993 Nick Skelton, Great Britain
1994 Eddie Macken, Irland
1995 Jan Tops, The Netherlands
1996 Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, Sweden
1997 Alison Firestone, USA
1998 Stefan Lauber, Switzerland
1999 Willi Melliger, Switzerland
2000 Ludger Beerbaum, Germany
2001 Ludger Beerbaum, Germany
2002 Toni Hassmann, Germany
2003 Marcus Ehning, Germany
2004 Robert Smith, Great Britain
2005 Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, Sweden
2006 Jessica Kürten, Irland
2007 Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, Germany
2008 Jessica Kürten, Irland
2009 Edwina Alexander, Australia
2010 Abdullah Al Sharbatly, Saudi Arabia
2011 Philippe Rozier, France
2012 Marcus Ehning, Germany
2013 Ludger Beerbaum, Germany
2014 Emma Emanuelsson, Sweden
2015 Peder Fredricson, Sweden
2016 Marcus Ehning, Germany
2017 Aldrick Cheronnet, France
2018 Robert Whitaker, Great Britain
2019 Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, Sweden
2020 Daniel Deusser, Germany

For more information about previous winners, events, photos, statistics etcetera.

Petra Roman, freelance writer and CEO at PR Text&Bild

Falu red

There is this certain color, a very specifik red nuance, which is called Falu red, or Faluröd as it’s called in Swedish.

Falu red paint is mainly used to paint the exterior of a house, and usually on smaller cottages and/or summer houses. You’ve probably seen pictures of the idyllic little Swedish cottage with a white wooden fence and white house knots?

The Falu red houses are obviously common in Falun, but they do also appear frequently in the small fishing villages on the West Coast of Sweden.

By Petra, PR Text&Bild

European capital of smart tourism

Sweden’s second largest city has been appointed European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020.

The European Committe focuses on cities working to strengthen sustainability and innovation within the area of tourism.

35 cities from 17 differens European countries competed for the title, but in the end it was Gothenburg, together with Malaga, that stood out from the crowd.

A jury of seven, some members of the European Commission, others members of the European Parliament, crowned these two European cities “Capitals of Smart Tourism 2020” at the official award ceremony in Helsinki in October, 2019.

According to the jury, Gothenburg stood out thanks to the “impressive programme of activities” the city has to offer, and its “suitability to act as role models for other burgeoning smart tourism destinations”.

Proud of my home town! #visitgothenburg

The Gothenburg trams

The city of Gothenburg is well known for its blue trams. They’ve been a part of the city since 1902, and each year over 147 million people travel with these trams.

In 1879 horses played a big part in peoples life, especially since horse and carriage was the only form of transportation. In 1902 the horsepower was replaced by electrical power and the first tram were packed with curious people.

Photo: Wikipedia

140 years later the old trams have been replaced by newer, more modern trams constructed in Germany. The tradition of giving the trams names of well known profiles from Gothenburg continues. Some of the latest ones are radio- and tv-show host Anna Mannheimer, actress and operasinger Marianne Mörck, singer Miriam Bryant, tv-show host and singer Lasse Kronér and singer/songwriter Håkan Hellström.

There are currently 12 lines that departs every 10 minutes during rush hours. In total it’s close to 2 500 routes each day!

There is one very special tram, Lisebergslinjen (see photo), wich is a “moveble museum” in that sense that it’s looks like the first trams in Gothenburg. You can catch the tram at the Central station and at the amusement park Liseberg.

Photo: Wikipedia


IKEA is a Swedish multinational company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, home accessories and other useful goods. The company was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, who at the time was only 17 years old.

The company name, IKEA, is an acronym of Kamprad’s initial (I K) with those of Elmtaryd (the farm where he grew up) and Agunnaryd (his hometown).

The business magnate

Feodor Ingvar Kamprad was born in 1926 and died in 2018. He was one of the most influential was business magnates in Sweden while leading his multinational retail company. Kamprad was born and raised in a small village in Småland in the south of Sweden, but lived in Switzerland for many years.

Ingvar Kamprad
Foto: Lotte Fernvall

Most IKEA- stores in the world have a showroom upstairs and a marketplace plus a self-service warehouse downstairs. All stores serve traditional Swedish food and Swedish fika. There is also a Swedish Food Market in which you can buy e. g. Swedish meatballs, lingonberry jam, biscuits, chocolates and pancakes.

Foto: Lise Åserud/NTB/TT

Three of the most bought and popular book shelves from IKEA. Photo:

The four seasons

Sweden is all about nature and the seasonal changes. At least if you ask me. I love everything about the Swedish natur and landscape, especially the seasonal changes.

Early fall and late spring are my two favourites and since one of my biggest interests is photography I usually go for long walks with my camera. I do that all year, but especially during these seasons.

I have put together a photogallery in an attempt to share my experiences of the four seasons. Feel free to enjoy, but please remember the rules of copyright.

Photo: Petra Roman

The three largest cities

The three largest cities in Sweden are Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

The main part of Stockholm is situated in the region of Uppland, and a smaller part belongs to the region of Södermanland. Stockholm is also the capital of Sweden.

Gothenburg is the largest city in the region of Västergötland and the second largest city in Sweden. Malmö is situated further south, in the region of Skåne, and is the third largest city.

Stockholm is well known for The Swedish Royal Castle and of course for beeing the home town for at least parts of the royal family. It’s also known for Skansen, Djurgården, Drottningholm castle, The Abba Museum, Vasamuseet and many other turist sights.

Perhaps you’ve heard, or even danced to, an ABBA-song? When in Stockholm you should also visit the popular Abba Museum.

Gothenburg is sometimes referred to as being the friendliest city in Sweden. It is known for the large amusement park Liseberg, but also for its fishmarket, cosy cobble stoned streets, car free shopping areas and its blue trams.

When in Gothenburg you should really visit the neighbourhood Haga with its cobble stoned streets and cosy cafes and restaurants. Some of them serve cinammon buns as big as both your hands. YUM!

In Malmö you’re right next to the waterfront and Öresundsbron, which will take you to Denmark in almost no time. Therefor many tourists ususally combine a visit to Malmö with a visit to Copenhagen.

Other than that Malmö is a really cosy town, rich in gastronomical and cultural variety and known for its many green areas and long sand beaches.

Ever heard of Zlatan?

I am quite sure you have heard of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, one of the greatest soccer players of all times. He’s Swedish.

Maybe you’ve heard of Abba, Greta Thunberg, Alexander Skarsgård, Icona Pop and Robyn too? Did you know they’re all from Sweden?

Abba was (and still is) a very popular pop-group in the 70:s and 80:s, with hits like Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen and Waterloo. Greta Thunberg is a world famous environmental activist, who’s travelling around the globe to meet with the big leaders. And she’s only 16!


Alexander Skarsgård is one of five sibblings from the Skarsgård-family. If you’ve seen Tarzan, you’ve seen Alexander (or at least his abs 🤭). His dad, Stellan Skarsgård, is also a well known actor both in Sweden and Hollywood.

The Swedish pop-duo Icona Pop is hugely popular, not only in Sweden but in China and Germany too. The same goes for singer/songwriter Robyn who is well known all over the world.

Then there is Björn Borg, Ingemar Stenmark, Pernilla Wiberg, Pia Sundhage, Max von Sydow, Mikael Nykvist, Zara Larsson, Rebecka Ferguson, Britt Ekland, Ingemar Bergman, Max Martin, Malin Åkerman, Christer Fuglesang… I suggest you Google them!